Job Interview Tips and Preparation

Some tips for Job Interviews

Research the company before the interview. This will impress the interviewers and also help you determine if the company is what you’re looking for. The company’s website is always a good way to gather up-to-date relevant information.

Know the company’s products and services and be prepared to tell the interviewer why their company is attractive to you

Familiarise yourself with the key duties and responsibilities of the position that you are applying for. Be able to articulate clearly why you are interested in the position and how you match the job requirements

Be familiar with the contents of your CV and have concrete examples to back-up your experiences

Plan for typical questions such as: – Achievements to date – Strengths / areas which require development – Challenging situations from previous roles and/or educational experience – Working in a team environment – likes / dislikes – Why you think you would be good at this job – Long term career ambitions

Your research on the company and the position should generate some questions about the company and your potential career path. Prepare 2-4 relevant questions. Asking relevant questions at the end of your interview will convey that you are genuinely interested in the position and it will also help you determine if the position is the right one for you.

On the Day of Interview

Make sure you know where the venue is and who you are to ask for

Arrive in plenty of time, allow time for travel delay

Dress professionally

Bring a copy of your application with you to the interview so that you can refer to it, as required

Turn off your mobile phone before the interview!

Good Luck !