Minimum Wage Rates

Ireland 2017  : Minimum Rates of Pay in Ireland

Increased Minimum Wage Levels came into force in Ireland on January 1st 2017 . The headline minimum wage rate is €9.25 per hour. (Increased from €9.15)

All the current minimum pay rates are  shown below (Hourly)

Experienced adult worker €9.25

Over 19 and in 2nd year of first job €8.33

Over 18 and in first year of first job €7.40

Aged under 18 €6.48


Employee aged over 18, in structured training during working hours

1st one third of course €6.94

2nd third of course €7.40

3rd part of course €8.33

Workers on the minimum wage in Ireland represent 5% of all employees, with 34,000 people working full-time on the minimum wage in 2016.


A person leaves full time education and enters employment on their 20th birthday. This person has no previous employment experience. Their Employer must pay the employee at least: €7.40 per working hour in the first year after the date of first employment over age 18 i.e. until age 21

Thne they are entitled to get at least  €833 per working hour in the second year after the date of first employment over age 18 i.e. until age 22. Only when they hit 23 will they be entitled to get €9.25 an hour.
Of course – many employers might pay the €9.25 rate before they hit 23 – but they are not obliged to.

If an employer cannot afford to pay the national minimum wage due to financial difficulty the Labour Court may allow them to pay below  the minimum wage rate for between 3 months and one year. Only one such exemption can be allowed.

The employer must apply to the Labour Court for the exemption with the consent of a majority of the employees, who must also agree to be bound by the Labour Court decision.

The employer must demonstrate that he/she is unable to pay the national minimum wage and that, if compelled to do so, would have to lay-off employees or terminate their employment.

The minimum wage in Ireland is increasing in 2018

These are the rates of the Minimum Wage that will apply from January 2018

  • Experienced adult worker €9.55 per hour
  • Over 19 and less than 2 years since first job  €8.60 per hour.
  • Over 18 and less than 1 years since began first  job  €7.64   per hour.
  • Aged under 18   €6.69 per hour