Things To Avoid When Writing a CV

Spelling and grammatical errors:

Spelling and grammatical errors can make a bad impression on the employer, so make sure to proofread your CV carefully. Use a spell-checker and have someone else read it over for you.

Unprofessional email addresses:

Use a professional email address for your job search.
Avoid email addresses that are overly personal or inappropriate, such as “” or “

Personal information:

Avoid including personal information that is not relevant to the job, such as your marital status, religion, or political views.

Lies or exaggerations:

Be honest about your qualifications, experience, and achievements. Don’t lie or exaggerate your skill on your CV, as this can be discovered later on and damage your credibility.

Irrelevant experience:

Only include work experience on your CV that is relevant to the job you are applying for. If you have work experience that is not relevant, you can mention it briefly or leave it out altogether.

Flashy design:

While it’s important to make your CV visually appealing, don’t go overboard with creative designs or flashy graphics. Stick to a simple and professional layout that is easy to read and understand. Using jargon or acronyms: Avoid using industry jargon or acronyms that the employer may not be familiar with. Use clear and concise language that is easy to understand for someone outside of your industry.