Living Wage Ireland

In Ireland we have a legal Minimum Wage  – you can see the full details of the Minimum Wage here.
There is also now a Living Wage – which is was first introduced in 2014.
The Living Wage in 2106 is currently set at €11.50 an hour. It is not mandatory.

The legal  Minimum Wage is  €9.15 in 2016 – no employer can pay less than the minimum wage.

The Living Wage is set by a group comprised of representatives from trade unions , charities and

The Living Wage is a wage which makes possible a  minimum  acceptable  standard  of living .

Lidl first major employer to pay Living Wage in Ireland

Lidl, which has 143 stores in Ireland already pays staff better than most of its rivals, with entry-level grades starting at €10.50 an hour. The company said in October 2015 that all staff will now earn a minimum of €11.50, rising to €13.00 an hour incrementally within two years.

The Living Wage for Ireland is calculated on the basis of the Minimum Essential Standard of Living research in Ireland, conducted by the Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice (VPSJ) . This research establishes a consensus on what members of the public believe is a minimum standard that no individual or household should live below.