Cover Letters

When applying for a job – it is usually a good idea to send a cover letter along with your CV.  You should tailor the cover letter to the actual job you are applying for.

A typical Cover letter for a job application should contain the following …

Your Name and Address
Employer Name and Address

Dear Mr./Ms. Jones (if you have a name; if not, leave this out)

Main Body of Letter:

The First Paragraph:

In this paragraph you want to mention the name of the job you are seeking and you should also mention any  contacts you have within the company. This should be a short paragraph so that the intent of the letter stands out. If there is not a specific job, then simply state that you are seeking employment.

The Middle Paragraph(s) :
In this paragraph you will want to add to and enhance what the employer can already read in the CV. You need to sell yourself to the employer and make him or her want to contact you. It is important to make a case for your qualifications and skills in relationship to the job. Give evidence of your experience, such as internships or work experience

The Last Paragraph:
The final paragraph should primarily thank the employer for his or her time, and explain how you will contact the employer. Give the employer at least a week. You have a responsibility to follow up. You can also send an e-mail or a fax to follow up on the hard copy of your CV and cover letter.

Closing such as ‘Yours Sincerely,’ or ‘Respectfully Yours’


Typed Name