Job Hunting Tips

Some tips for job hunters:

Look  online – well you’re here – so you are probably doing that anyway.

Search by both the town or area and the job title. Repeat your search every day. Use Google Alerts and register  with reputable job sites

Target companies organisations you’d like to work for. Visit their websites and look for employment information – you may find jobs that don’t appear elsewhere .

As well as online – look in local papers and shop windows.   A local paper can still be a useful place to find jobs in your town. We will try and find some jobs from local papers and post them on this site

Look further afield  don’t be put off by commuting. It can provide time for reading, learning or just thinking.

Aim high and low. Apply for jobs above and below the level you are currently (or were formerly) working at.

Apply to unconventional places. You may assume your local hospital, for example, doesn’t have any jobs you’d be suited to if you aren’t a healthcare worker – but you might be wrong.

Use your contacts when job-hunting wherever they work.