Jobs For The Future

With the increase in technology – many jobs are rapidly becoming obsolete as they are taken over by robots or AI .

Here are some areas of work that we think will survive any rise in AI robots.

Art and Music

Although digital art and music software is capable of creating some amazing things, it still can’t deliver a finished product that will have an impact on the viewer’s memory and emotion. Graphic designers will continue to be needed, as well as songwriters, designers, and architects.

Copywriting and content creation

Robots are not brilliant at writing like a human. As the internet expands even more – there are always going to be businesses looking for professional writing services to bring traffic to their sites.
Those who can write well will also be in demand in law, politics, academia, marketing, and journalism.

Sales and customer service

Jobs that require high levels of social interaction, such as customer service, sales, and hospitality, are less likely to be automated. These roles require human communication skills and the ability to build relationships with customers. The best person to sell you a product is someone you know -especially for high-value items. Whilst many companies are shifting to more automation of their services, directing customers to a website or a phone menu, but there will always be a need for specialised staff to help customers with more complex sales or service needs.

Humanities careers

Anything role that deals with mental health and the human person, from religious ministry to behavioural therapy, will still have to be done mostly by people. Jobs that require emotional intelligence, such as counselling, social work, and teaching, are less likely to be automated. These roles require human empathy and interpersonal skills, which are difficult for robots to replicate.


Great advances have been made with robot-assisted medical procedures, but we will still need people to carry out the work of physically evaluating patients and assisting them with their unique and personal medical requirements. It will be a long time before robots will be doing surgery on their own.


Law is about language, which differentiates humans from anything else. It needs a human element of judgment and discernment that can’t be replaced by machines. So don’t expect your court system to be replaced by robots anytime soon.

Electronics and mechanical repair

Jobs that require complex physical dexterity, such as surgery, construction, and mechanics, are less likely to be automated. These roles require human skill and coordination, which are difficult for robots to replicate.


Jobs of the future that require the human mind, human creation, human dexterity, or a human body are likely to be staffed by humans until technology has advanced beyond what we can currently conceive. We simply haven’t developed an effective way to replace ourselves in much of what we do. A Wall∙E type world, where humans can float around constantly consuming pleasure while machines do all the work, is not foreseeable within our lifetimes. So if you are headed into a career in content creation, art creation, humanities, sales, medicine, law, repairs, or entertainment, there might be plenty of competition, but at least you can be sure that a robot won’t be taking your job anytime soon.