Jobs Websites in Ireland

While we here at Jobsguide Ireland try and bring you some job vacancies that you might not find elsewhere – we are a small fish in the big sea of recruitment websites in Ireland.
The main recruitment sites in terms of visits according to figures from Google – are : ,,,,
The most visited of those 5 job sites in Ireland, according to Google , is  closely followed by with taking third place and Recruitireland just beating into fourth place.
Google also shows up some interesting results. According to “Google Trends” – during the last 12 months of rising unemployment in Ireland – visits to these main 5 job web sites have fallen.
Google don’t give actual figures – but since peaking around Sept 2008 – unique visitor numbers  to all these sites have fallen since then. Going by the graph supplied on google   visits to these 5 sites have dropped  by as much as 100%  since September 2008.
If the information from Google is correct – it could be caused by one or more of the following factors.

a) Maybe unemployed people are just not looking for jobs and are happy to stay on the dole.
b) People think or know there are no jobs available – so don’t bother looking as much.
c) People may have left Ireland to work elsewhere or have gone back to their home country.
d) Maybe other job websites like this one are attracting more visitors instead o

Other stats from Google – for the search term “jobs”  – show that the number of searches fo the word “Jobs” in Ireland has also not risen in the last 12 months. The number of searches for “jobs” is about the same now as it was 12 months ago. There was a peak after Christmas 2008 – but levels have dropped back and remained about the same since Feb 2009.

Have all the unemployed people stopped looking for jobs?