DOE : What is the Meaning in Job Adverts

Many of the  job adverts in Ireland and other countries use abbreviations such as” Pay Neg DOE”  or “Pay DOE”

This is confusing for lots of people – and many people from outside Ireland are not familiar with the meaning of DOE .

What is the meaning of “NEG” in a job advert ?

Neg is short for “Negotiable”. This means the employer is willing to negotiate or discuss the level of payment  for the job.

What is the meaning of DOE  in a job vacancy ? :

The letters DOE stand for   ” Depends on Experience”  – this means the pay level offered will vary with the amount of previous experience you have . If you have more experience in a similar role – you should expect to be offered higher pay than someone with no experience or very little

Remember – you should always get at least the Minimum Wage in Ireland