Septic Tank Inspection Jobs

With the new regulations on Septic Tank Registration and Inspection – there was some hope that there would  be plenty of new jobs in the area of waste treatment plant and septic tank  inspection . Some firms are  offering training courses in Septic Tank maintenance and inspection in Ireland.
It migh turn out like the BER courses – where there were too many inspectors and not enough work.

Owners of properties served by septic tanks and other on-site wastewater treatment systems will be required to operate and maintain their systems correctly and to have those systems subjected to an inspection at specified intervals to ensure that they are functioning efficiently. Inspections will be carried out under the new system by competent inspectors. The new system will have to establish performance standards and these standards must apply to all on-site systems.
Inspections are due to begin in late 2013 –
It looks like all the inspections are being carried out by local authority staff – and there are only going to be about 1000 a year across the  whole country – so we don’t expect many new jobs to be created for Septic Tank Inspectors.