Top 20 Most Popular Employers in Ireland for Graduates

This is a list of the top 20 most popular companies where graduates would like to work in Ireland . (2015) 

  1.  Google
  2.  PwC
  3.  Department of Education (Teaching)
  4.  Accenture
  5.  Deloitte
  6.  Jameson – Irish Distillers 
  7.  Department of Foreign Affairs
  8.   RTÉ
  9.  Diageo
  10.  Lidl Ireland
  11.  Boston Scientific
  12.  Apple
  13.  Pfizer
  14.  KPMG
  15.  Microsoft
  16.  Health Service Executive (HSE)
  17.  Coca-Cola
  18.  Abbott Ireland
  19.  European Commission
  20.  Facebook


The list is from  part of a survey called the  European Student Barometer, conducted by Europe’s leading graduate research firm, Trendence.
Over 7000 students were asked which companies they find attractive, how they look for their first professional position and what factors are important for them in this position.