Transfering Jobseekers Benefit Abroad

With the current employment problems for many people in Ireland – some of you may be thinking of moving to the UK or elsewhere in the EU to look for work.
The good news is that anyone claiming Jobseekers Benefit can continue to get payments from Ireland for up to 13 weeks when you go to another EU country to look for a job.

You must be getting Jobseeker’s Benefit for 4 weeks before you can transfer it to another EEA member state. If you apply to transfer your Jobseeker’s Benefit, it will be paid directly to you – (bank account) . You will still be required to register with the employment services of the country where you have gone to look for work within a week of arriving .
You need to get a “Form U2”   from your Social Welfare office and bring it  to the employment  services of the country you are travelling to.
You can get a completed Form U2 from your local social welfare office.

The 13-week period of payment may be extended to 6 months in
exceptional circumstances. Also you may now transfer your JB payment more than once while you are unemployed provided you do not exceed the maximum period of 13 weeks

If you went to the UK without a U2 form – you will probably experience delays in getting UK  Jobseekers Benefits – and when you get it the rates are much lower in the UK.
For example – over 25 Single – UK rate is  £65.45  (about €78 Euro)  The   Irish Rate is €188 Euro – more than double!

Note:  Jobseekers Allowance is not payable outside Ireland – ! You can go on holiday for a maximum of 2 weeks and your Jobseekers Allowance will be paid when you return. You must notify your social welfare local office in advance of taking your 2 weeks holiday. It can also be paid on your return from representing Ireland in an amateur capacity an international sporting event.