Working in England

With unemployment rates rising here in Ireland – many people are looking to England for work. There is fairly bad unemployment in England – but it is a bigger economy and there are many more jobs available than here in Ireland.
With the Olympics in 2012 many construction workers are employed in the UK. House building is starting up in some areas of England again too.
There is no ban on employing nurses – unlike Ireland. There is a big Irish community in places like London , Luton, Coventry, Birmingham, Mamchester, Nottingham etc.
The first thing you need to do if you move to England for work – is to obtain or apply for your National Insurance Number.
Without a National Insurance Number you will not be able to work or claim benefits. Even if you are a student hoping to get summer work in England – you will need a National Insurance Number.
See here for Details of how to Apply for a National Insurance number