Census Jobs at CSO

The Central Statistics Office will be running the Irish Census in 2016 – and have already taken  applications for vacancies for about  5000 enumerators.

The Census date will be in April  24th  2016

The job of enumerator will require you to distribute the census forms to homes in advance of April 24th and then return to collect them once the census has taken place.
You’ll also be required to answer questions that people might have. Successful candidates should be available to work at different times of day and also at weekends in order to ensure that all forms are distributed and collected in person.

Hours and Pay

Remuneration will be on a fee / allowance basis. Enumerators can expect to typically earn €2,400 on average, for their work during this 10 week period, made up as follows:

Weekly advance: €100 (paid in arrears)

Training allowance: €200

Fees per forms delivered/collected: Variable

Summarisation: €230

Terminal Bonus: €445

Home storage allowance: €140

Sunday and bank holiday work allowance: €210

Travel Allowance: Variable

Enumeration Area usually comprises about 400 households


You can see more about the  Census Jobs Here