Improving IT Jobs Market in Ireland

2016 looks like it will be another strong year for the IT industry in Ireland. Salaries are likely to increase as there is competition amongst businesses to try and hire qualified  IT staff.

Increasing numbers of jobs in Ireland and an ongoing IT skills shortage often means that skilled and experienced IT professionals can get several job offers.

Developers:  Demand continues to grow for  Web, software and mobile app developers. Those with .NET, PHP and MySQL skills, as well as those with responsive design skills, are in high demand.


Major Irish Sectors for IT Jobs in Ireland

Financial Services: Financial services providers are offering more technology-enabled services to customers, such as online banking and brokerage services. There is a business-critical need for reliability and connectivity for both internal and customer-facing systems and apps.

Healthcare: Healthcare organisations are embracing new technologies to meet regulatory compliance demands, accelerate innovation and improve the quality of patient care.

Managed Services: More companies are relying on managed services providers for day-to-day IT needs, from data storage to network management.

Telecommunications: Trends include relentless demand for connectivity and speed in communication.