Maximum Working Hours in Ireland

Working Hours in Ireland

In Ireland – the maximum number of hours an employee should work in an average working week is 48 hours. This working week average should be calculated over a four-month period. There are some exceptions to this average period.


Overtime Pay

There is no obligation on employers in Ireland to pay employees higher rates, for example, double time, for work completed in overtime. You must, however, receive at the very least your normal hourly rate of pay for overtime.


Employees are entitled to:

A daily rest period of 11 consecutive hours every  24 hours

A weekly rest period of 24 consecutive hours every seven days, following a daily rest period

An employee is entitled to a break of 15 minutes after a 4½ hour work period, and a break of 30 minutes if more than 6 hours are worked, which can include the first 15-minute break. Such breaks do not have to be paid, and are not part of working time

For more information visit  Workplace Relations Commission:


Sunday Working

If you work on a Sunday – any entitlement to extra wages may be agreed between you and your employer. Under the Organisation of Working Time Act, if there is no agreement about your pay, your employer must give you one or more of the following for Sunday working:

A reasonable allowance

A reasonable pay increase

Reasonable paid time off work


What is reasonable depends on all the circumstances. It is a matter for negotiation between you and your employer and, where applicable, your trade union.