Jobpath Scheme in Galway

Commissioned by the Department of Social Protection, JobPath is designed to offer additional support for the long term unemployed and those who are deemed likely to become long term unemployed to move into sustainable employment.

Work on the Jobpath scheme will be mainly handled by private companies.

The main company will be Seetec Employment and Skills Ireland.
This is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seetec Business Technology Company Ltd. Seetec has been selected as the preferred tenderer for JobPath in the Dublin, Border, and West regions and parts of the Mid-East and Midlands regions.

Seetec has grown organically in the UK from a public-private partnership with six employees in 1984, to a leading provider of public service programmes. This includes employment support programmes for the long-term unemployed, training and education services including Apprenticeships and Traineeships and supervision of low and medium risk offenders.

Seetec will employ Employment Advisers who will be responsible for working with a caseload of clients, managing the customer journey back into employment and supporting individuals to secure and retain sustainable work.

The advisers will assess individual client needs and work with them to create a personal progression plan incorporating relevant actions and interventions.

They will meet with clients regularly to review their progress, plan additional actions, sign-post them to 3rd party provision and work with them on a range of areas including job applications and interview techniques.

The aim of Jobpath advisers is to  work with clients throughout their time on JobPath both in the centre, in local communities on an outreach basis, by phone or online and whilst they are in employment, continually motivating and supporting them.