Job Hunting Tips

Job Hunting –  Some Tips

Effort :  Your chances of finding a job will be increased  if you put more effort into job hunting. If you are unemployed – treat job hunting as your new full time job from 9 to 5   Monday to Friday . It will get you used to being in a working “frame of mind” and stop you falling into bad habits of sleeping all day and playing video games.

Time : You should try to spend at least 35 hours a week searching for a job. Start your day at 9 a.m. and end your day at 5 p.m.This will give you a proper routine to follow. Persistence is the name of the game.

Expectations : If you previously had a job – don’t expect to  find the exact same  job you had before. Don’t exclude any type of work –  full-time, part-time, contract jobs or temporary jobs , self employment.

Forget what is “available” and go for the job you really want.   When  you are clear on what you want, you need to tell everyone you know to keep a lookout for that type of job vacancy

Take Chances : Go to any potential employer that interests you regardless of whether there are advertised vacancies or not.  Find  places where you would like to work and knock on their doors.

Go and  see four  potential employers a day. If you are using the telephone, call up 40 a day. Dress well and look after your appearance. Treat everyone you meet with courtesy, even if they don’t have a job for you –  they might know someone who will.

Concentrate on smaller places  that employ 20 people or less. They are more likely to hire you than larger organizations with HR departments that are there to screen you out.

Use the phone  to ring  places that interest  you and ask if they are hiring. Write an outline  script so you get across all your  key points. Try and call before 9 a.m., before lunch or after 5 p.m. when the boss  is most likely to be around, not their  secretary.